A remodel to the ground floor of this narrow Victorian property saw the entire lower levels opened up into a large interconnected series of spaces that included family living, cooking and eating areas.

The existing kitchen, breakfast and dining areas of this Victorian terraced house were narrow, poorly laid out and most of all dark, the latter principally due to the north-facing rear garden with poorly considered window and door positions. The solution makes for a light-filled series of interconnected spaces.

Considerable structural alterations were made to allow this to happen that included removing the rear wall of the main house and taking out a substantial chimney breast at ground floor level that used to divide the space in half.

A new sitting area to the rear of the house occupies the footprint of what was the kitchen, and overlooks a completely remodelled garden. The kitchen now sits in the centre of the ground floor in what was the dining room, with the new dining area itself positioned between the sitting area and kitchen.

Three large roof windows, one over the dining area, and two over the side extension afford the space with natural light throughout the day as the sun moves around the house. In addition to these, a large corner glazing detail to the rear sitting area floods the back of the space with soft northern light all day long.

On first floor a new vertical slot window was inserted into the rear wall of the property to provides additional natural light into a new dressing room.