A work in progress project for a small ground floor extension, to a 1980’s brick-built maisonette, that will provide much needed additional living space.

Located adjacent to the existing kitchen and dining areas, the new space will be used as a sitting room, with direct access onto a south facing courtyard garden. Access into the new space is through an existing structural opening, of which the current glass doors will be removed.

Externally the new construction echoes the visual appearance of the main three-storey building by way of the materials and form. The pitched roof provides a high vaulted ceiling internally, giving a sense of additional space, and also allows for 3m high glass doors on the south garden
facing elevation.

A slot window to the east elevation will afford the new space with morning light, and a large roof window faces to the north.

A new small opening into the existing wall of the main building will provide natural light into the current dining area as well as helping to visually linking the two spaces.

  • light filled extension Peckham Rye