A remodel to the ground floor of this narrow Victorian property saw the entire lower levels opened up into a large interconnected series of spaces that included family living, cooking and eating areas.

The existing kitchen was narrow and dark, with the family bathroom was located on the back of it. The first challenge was to re relocate the bathroom from ground floor to the first floor, making way for a second sitting and larger kitchen area, whilst the kitchen itself was extended sideways to make for better use of space and dining area.

The first floor was extended to make space for the relocated bathroom whilst retaining a well-proportioned third bedroom.

The new sitting area to the rear of the ground floor is wrapped with a near frame-less L-shaped glass configuration that affords the space natural light all day and captures the setting sun to the west.

Lowered floors and vaulted ceilings, combined with numerous roof windows, increase the sense of space and provide additional natural light throughout the property.

A new oak floor across the entire ground floor helps unify the spaces.

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